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Club Achievements

Gintas through Combat Self Defence, has produced from his teaching in Lithuania, several National, European champions and a World title holder. This itself is impressive enough yet, since coming to the UK, Gintas already has produced six champions at National and European level. The club has taken part in both adult and children's national tournaments with a great deal of success in such a relatively short space of time.

The first of Gintas' students to take part in competition and set the level from which we have grown from strength to strength, were Dean Stratford, to the left of Gintas, Ahmed Alli and Paul Burgess. This picture was taken at one of the first fights that we had attended as a club at international level.

Undefeated in 2009, two cage fighters - Paul Steyne












Cory Tait











Together with coach Gintas...

Ahmed Alli

BKBU English Full Contact Heavyweight Champion 1999.

He became BKBU full contact heavyweight English champion back in 1999. His victory came by way of a knockout in the first round. He was Gintas' first student when he began teaching in the UK.

Modestas Bukauskas

World MMA Champion under 16 - 2007.

European MMA Champion under 16 - 2007.


BKBU British Under 10 Boy's Champion 2002-2003. Boy’s Under 12 British Kick boxing Champion 2004-2006. British Combat Jiu-jitsu gold medallist 2004.

Modestas Bukauskas 8, won the BKBU British Boys U10's title from the title holder Ryan O'Leary, collecting three winning gold medals from his three bouts that day on his way to becoming champion.Modestas has successfully defended his title by defeating Sam Leach from Liverpool and is still the current under 10's British title holder.Modestas with his British title championship winning cup and successfully defending his title at his most recent bout. Moments from Modestas kick boxing title bouts and Combat Jiu-jitsu fight for gold medal.

Ernesta Bukauskaite

World MMA Champion under 16 - 2007.

World M M A Champion under 16 2006.


BKBU English Under 10'S Girl's Champion 2001, Girls Under 14 Kick boxing English Champion 2005-2006. British Combat Jiu-jitsu gold medallist 2004. Winner gold medal at International Tournament of Mixed Martial ARTS in Crystal Palace 2006. Judo gold medallist in weight category under 57kg at Ipswich Judo Club Championships 2006. European Judo Champion under 19 in open weight category 52kg+ 2007. 

Ernesta has had a great deal of competition experience as she took part in her first at eight.She won the English under 10's girl's title against Kayleigh Hall from East Anglia. Ernesta also took part in an exhibition fight with current ladies world champion, Kim Reynolds who gained her title in a recent bout in Malta.Ernesta in action in one of her first fights, in her exhibition fight with world champion Kim Reynolds,Ernesta winning gold medal in British Combat Jiu-jitsu and Judo tournaments, as well moments from her kick boxing title bouts.

Cory Tait

BKBU English and European Under 16'S Champion 2003-2004. Boy’s Under 18 British Kick boxing Champion 2005-2006. European semi - contact Kick Boxing Champion 2007.

Cory Tait 14, has also successfully defended his BKBU U16's English Junior Kickboxing title. Through his success in his defence of his title, he then qualified to challenge for the vacant BKBU U16's European title in the European and International title evening event, against David Bland from Manchester, who was the current under 16's British champion. Cory won his European title in style, showing no signs of having fought so hard previously earlier in the day against a fresh opponent, over four two minute rounds. Cory is the club's first European title holder since Gintas' move from Lithuania. As well the youngest person to fight in full contact and win in adult’s category under 60kg at 17 years age.

Paul Steyne

World MMA Champion under 65kg - 2008.


European MMA Champion under 65kg - 2007.







Raphel Headlam

BKBU British Under 10'S Boy's Champion 2001, Boy’s Under 12 English Kick boxing Champion 2003. Winner gold medal at International Kick Boxing Tournament in Crystal Palace 2006. European under 15 Kick Boxing Champion 2007.

Raphel Headlam won the under 10 boy's BKBU British title from the current titleholder Ryan Wilson from Luton. He and Ernesta won their titles at same competition and were featured together in one of three articles that featured over the past year chartering the club's success in the local newspaper the 'Harrow Observer.

Grant Ball

BKBU English and British Under 14 Kick boxing Champion 2004-2005. Winner bronze medal at International Mixed Martial Arts tournament in Crystal Palace 2006.

Kane Granger

British Under 16 Kick boxing Champion 2003.

Jonathan Harris

British Combat Jiu-jitsu silver medallist. Moments from Jonathan’s fights.

Tony Macdonald

Contender for International WCF Kick boxing Title. Moments from Tony’s victory, where he floored opponent three times and fight for International Title, where he represented England and preparations before fights by coach Gintas.

Winning Gintas CSD team pics from numerous successful National and International tournaments and Championships