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  • Degree of excellence obtained from University of Physical Culture and Sport 1984-1990
  • 6th Dan Black Belt in CSD, Kickboxing and Karate, Expert in Wrestling Sambo and MMA
  • Ranked among top ten swimmers in Lithuania 1983 Member of USSR Olympic swimming squad
  • Professional No-Holds Barred fighter 1984-1994
  • National Heavyweight Champion of Lithuania 1991
  • Winner of Professional International 'No Holds Barred Tournament 1992 Winner of European Heavyweight title 1994

Through his extensive training and study, Gintas has proved time and time again to many students that power is not everything. The main focus of his teaching is how to train safely and to show that as person no matter what size they maybe, can successfully defend himself against a larger and stronger opponent. His students won national and international titles in MMA, Kick Boxing, Judo and Combat Jiu-Jitsu.